2019/01/23 ETLN Series Boring Bar

ETLN Series Boring Bar

Design Feature
Suit for inner and end surface processing, this is best tools for heavy cut choice.
Suitable for cutting  Alloy Steel
Insert: TNMG160408-IO-ECP300 (Echain Brand)

These tools are made in Taiwan including the screw and wrench.
To meet your cutting terms, if you have any opinions or questions, please contact us.

Model Name (mm) Min
Bore Dia.
O.A.L. Tip
S20R-ETLNR16 25 200 13 20
S20R-ETLNL16 25 200 13 20
S25R-ETLNR16 32 200 17 25
S25R-ETLNL16 32 200 17 25