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2021/04/12 Widely acclaimed classic coolant Cutting Tool


Hello Everyone,🤗 Today we will show you a new video about ECHAINTOOL- Widely acclaimed classic coolant cutting tool...

Echaintool Precision Co., Ltd. 發佈於 2021年4月11日 星期日

Why choose a turning tool with a high-pressure coolant design from ECHAINTOOL?
The principle of the high-pressure coolant system is to pass the coolant through the water outlet hole from the center of the turning tool to form a correct angle between the coolant and the cutting blade angle.
Spraying the coolant to the correct position of the edge angle at high speed will instantly reduce the heat generated by the machining.
The R&D center of the ECHAINTOOL team designed a series of turning tools to effectively cool the processing heat, reduce tool wear, extend tool life, increase cutting speed, effectively control chip removal, and improve CNC tool machining efficiency.