High Quality    High Efficiency   Wise Attitude   Depend on Competitive Priorityr

We provide industry solutions to our customers around the world. Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Energy and Medical industry solutions are, among many others, where we deploy highly specialize cutting tools competence.

  • To provide high quality with competitive price cutting tools is our top philosophy.
  • To follow our philosophy depend on Competitive priority is our fist concern because the sourcing is limited.
  • Learn from the society and return feedback to the society is our boss's mantra.
  • Be kind to the environment to continue to inherit it for the next generation.


弊社は世界中の各業界のお客様に金属加工に関するソリューションを提供します。 航空業界をはじめ、石油、天然ガス、エネルギー、医療などのソリューションに向ける高度な切削工具能力を目指し、 お客様に高品質と競争力がある価格で切削工具を提供するという経営理念を実践しています。