Echain Brand Insert offered

With different insert shapes, Relief angles, tolerance, insert hole types, cutting edge lengths, Diameter of IC, thickness, corner radius, chip breaker, and material of workpieces, the inserts are different. 
To meet different cutting terms, and materials of the workpiece, we offered different coated inserts and cermet inserts.
These inserts offered by Echaintool are 100% quality inspected before shipped.
Here is our most popular insert grade as our first recommendation within bold Font.

Turning inserts (cnmg insert, tnmg insert, ccmt insert, dcmt insert, wnmg insert...):
Steel: ECP100,ECP200, ECP250, ECP300, ECP400 .
Stainless Steel: ECM050, BEJ657, ECM100, BEJ757, ECM200, BEJ750, BEJ857, BEP706, BEP708.
Cast iron: ECK100, ECK200, BEG607, ECP100.
Alloy , coated: BEJ757
Alloy, cermet: BQJ606F, BQJ606, BQW706.

Milling insert(apmt insert...): BEJ750, ECM100, BEG607

Drilling(wcmt insert...):
Steel: ECM100, ACP200, ACP300
Stainless steel: ECM100, BEJ750
Cast iron: ACK200, ACK300

Grooving(ech insert): ECM100 (Grade: PM)

Threading(16er ag60 insert...): EC400 EC100 (Grade: PKM)
Alloy : EC100

About the Grade Comparison chart, Recommend Material Grade, and Selection of chip breaker, please visit the next page, Reference, or send us your inquiry. Thank you. 

EC Insert