Tool Holder With Coolant

Best choice for cooling solutions E-type clamping system turning tools with coolant. With 10 bar water pressure, focus on the cutting edge to cool down the temperature of the work piece. For turning, to use same tool body no need to change the whole tools, just change the screw from CS80 to CS80A/BJET series. For grooving or parting-off tools with coolant system are also available.

E-type holder with coolant:

  • Always position accurate while changing insert repeatedly.
  • No insert movement during high speed or heavily interrupted operation.
  • Change insert is simple and effective is simple and effective.
  • Excellent cooling results.
  • The coolant nozzle system increase inserts' life and stability.
  • Original E-type tool holders can replace our coolant noozle. It is more economical way than to purchase new tool holders with coolant holders.
Accurate, Simple, Effective, Excellent cooling results