Rapid Drill

Echaintool's Rapid Drill series, also known as U-drills, stands out for its exceptional performance and precision. These drills feature a unique design that enables rapid and efficient drilling operations, making them ideal for various applications. Crafted using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, Echaintool's Rapid Drills ensure durability and reliability. With a range of sizes and configurations available, these drills cater to diverse machining needs. Whether in automotive, aerospace, or general machining industries, Echaintool's Rapid Drills deliver fast and accurate drilling results. Experience the efficiency and precision of Echaintool's Rapid Drill series today!
U-drill and WCMX drill and SPGX drill and WDXT drills

U-drills SPGX series

Tool Design Feature
  • Excellent insert pocket design, high drilling precision and low vibration during operation.
  • High torsional resistance and new finishing strong body can sustain.
  • More higher feeding operation.
  • Dual-helical coolant hole can make great drilling results.
General Drilling, Half Cylindrical, Ramping Drilling, Broach, Intersect Drilling, Intersect Drilling

Insert Feature
  • TiAIN coating with high temperature resistant elements.
  • Treatment technology of special coating, the coating is more firmly bonded to the substrate.
  • Thin PVD coating make cutting edge sharp.
  • High hardness and high toughness.
  • High surface finishing.
Warm remind:
  • Draining hi-pressure coolant thru spindle center while using the high speed drill will helt extending inserts life and improving chip evacuation.
  • While using CNC lathe, the cutting center point must parallel the spindle center of the machine.
  • Hole widening by CNC lathe, the peripheral insert must parallel the mobing angle tool turret.