Rapid Drill

U-drill and WCMX drill and SPGX drill and WDXT drills

U-drills SPGX series

Tool Design Feature
  • Excellent insert pocket design, high drilling precision and low vibration during operation.
  • High torsional resistance and new finishing strong body can sustain.
  • More higher feeding operation.
  • Dual-helical coolant hole can make great drilling results.
General Drilling, Half Cylindrical, Ramping Drilling, Broach, Intersect Drilling, Intersect Drilling

Insert Feature
  • TiAIN coating with high temperature resistant elements.
  • Treatment technology of special coating, the coating is more firmly bonded to the substrate.
  • Thin PVD coating make cutting edge sharp.
  • High hardness and high toughness.
  • High surface finishing.
Warm remind:
  • Draining hi-pressure coolant thru spindle center while using the high speed drill will helt extending inserts life and improving chip evacuation.
  • While using CNC lathe, the cutting center point must parallel the spindle center of the machine.
  • Hole widening by CNC lathe, the peripheral insert must parallel the mobing angle tool turret.

WDXT U drill