End Mill and Cutter

Echaintool's cutting tools catalog showcases a wide range of milling tools and cutters, including shoulder face, surface, slot, multi-function, and profile milling series. With detailed indexes and processing icon guides, this catalog offers a comprehensive overview of Echaintool's high-quality cutting tool offerings. Explore the catalog for a variety of cutting diameters and tool shapes to suit your machining needs.

High-Efficiency Milling Cutter Series

  • Cutting edge design. Improves anti-bump performance.
  • Adapt to various adverse conditions. Used for a wide range of cutting.
  • Through-Coolant Turning and Milling Composite End Mill
  • Exchangeable HEAD End Mill
  • Multi-Edge Type Milling Cutter
  • End Mill

APMT series Suitable for flat milling with a polished edge

Suitable for Materials Steel   Alloy Steel Stainless Steel

Suitable for flat milling with a polished edge, the insert features a three-dimensional spiral edge, resulting in reduced cutting resistance, the insert can be selected depending on the workpiece, and the insert has four types of grooves and various materials.

EAX series

Precision insert with strong cutting edge and low cutting force design
  • Unique curved cutting-edge design lowers cutting force yet improves.
  • Achieving high-quality finish with high precision cutting edge.
  • Smooth cutting even for deep grooves and low-rigidity machines.
Highly durable body
  • Special surface treatment improves corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.
  • Increased screw size improves clamping force and durability.
Improved chip evacuation with air or coolant supply
Internal coolant holes are a standard feature for the whole series
Cutting force
Cutting resistance (main component) is approximately 15% lower than conventional cutters.
Fracture resistance
Huge increase in fracture resistance with improved cutting-edge strength.