Tiny Carbide Boring Bar

Tiny Carbide boring bar and Mini Carbide boring bar
Features of tiny Carbide Boring Bar

The tiny carbide boring bar adopts a full carbide cutter body to effectively suppress the processing vibration.
Ultra-fine particle cemented carbide AlTiN coating for increased tool wearability.
The micro-diameter design is beneficial to the processing requirements of cutting, copying, and chamfering of workpieces in narrow apertures.
Provides precise machining accuracy and good surface finish.

With SHB Series Dedicated Sleeve for precise and fast positioning

Tiny Carbide Boring Bar Identification System

Tiny Carbide Boring Bar Identification System


Sign Coating
G G300
M M500

② Feature

Sign Feature
C Chamfering
D Thread Relief
F Facing
G Grooving
I Threading
K Full Radius Grooving
P Profiling
Q Profiling and Boring
T Turning
U 90-degree Profiling
V Deep Face Grooving
W Chamfering and profiling
X Back Turning
Z Full Radius Facing

③ Shank

Sign Shank diameter
3 3 mm
4 4 mm
5 5 mm
6 6 mm
8 8 mm
10 10 mm

④ Hand of Tool

Sign Direction
R Right Hand
L Left Hand

⑤ Neck Length

Sign Length
L104 4 mm
L105 5 mm
L106 6 mm
L110 11 mm
L115 15 mm
L118 18 mm
L122 22 mm
L124 24 mm
L127 27 mm
L130 30 mm
L135 35 mm
L143 43 mm

⑥ Top Radius and Cutting Width

Sign Top Radius and Cutting Width
R0.05=Nose Radius 0.05 mm
R0.1=Nose Radius 0.1 mm
R2=Nose Radius 2 mm
B B1.0=0.1mm

⑦ Other

A60= Angle 60 degree
A90= Angle 90 degree
Icon of Tiny Carbide Boring Bar Identification System 01
Icon of Tiny Carbide Boring Bar Identification System 02
Length Full
C:50mm  D:60mm  E1:75mm
H:100mm  M:150mm  R:200mm

G300 coating Chamfering and Profiling tiny carbide