Carbide End Mill


Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions: How many flutes of end mill cutter?
Answer: 2 flutes end mill, 3 flutes end mill, 4 flutes end mill are common flutes we produced.
6 flutes end mill is also available.
Questions: What kind of end mill cutter do you manufacture?
Answer: Square end mill (also called flat end mill)
Ball nose end mill (also called ball end mill)
Corner radius end mill (also called bull nose end mill)
End mill cutter for aluminum.
Questions: What is the brand of end mill cutter?
Answer: The brand of end mill cutter is Echain.
Questions: What is the guarantee for end mills?
Answer: All end mills are 100% inspected by professional inspectors with precision quality inspection equipment.
Questions: How hardness of workpieces end mill cutter can be used on?
Answer: The import carbide rod of end mill cutter can process on hardness up to 55HRC.
Questions: What’s the tolerance of end mill cutter?
Answer: International tolerance standard h5, tolerance range control at μlevel accuracy.
Questions: What common processing can end mills be used in?
Answer: Ball end mill can be used on profile milling, surface milling, and R slotting.
Square end mill can be used on angular plunge milling, full slotting, and right angle slotting.
Bull end mill can be used on profile milling, surface milling, R corner Side milling, R slotting, and R slotting.

Features of MU2-GMA (For Aluminum)

  • New design double edges round flute can high speed operation with long life.
  • Mirror grinding for aluminum operation with double edge helix design for a sharp and excellent smooth surface.
  • Use a high-quality carbide rod.
  • For 55 HRC general-purpose applications.
  • Control tolerance by international standard h5 with micrometer level.
  • Different series can be chosen.

All 5 Axis grinding machines are from Walter in Germany.

Top quality carbide rod.  

Features of MU-GMM (For steel)

  • New design round flute can high speed operation with long life.
  • New EC nano-coating perfect match with high hardness carbide rod with ideal chip flow geometry.


Carbide End Mill Identification System


Sign Feature
S Micro Diameter
MU Rounded Land
MU2 Rounded Land Double Edge
MU3 Rounded Land Triple Edge
MUH Rounded Land Irregular Pitch
KUH Round Land Unequal Split For Cast Iron Processing
PH Unequal Division Unequal Helix Non-Round Land
DR Position Drill 120°
DC Position Drill 90°
RU Rounded Land Roughing
CU Rounded Land Medium Roughing
FU Rounded Land Finishing Roughing
FM Fine Pitch & Finishing Roughing
CM Fine Pitch & Medium Roughing
RM Fine Pitch & Roughing
V Dove-tail Grave
VV Double-edge Dove-tail Groove
CC Chamfer Cutter 45°
CR Chamfer Cutter 60°

② Helix Angle

Sign Angle
C 25°
D 30°
E 35°
F 35° / 38°
G 45°
H 55°
I 42° / 45°
J 50°
K 38° / 40°

③ Grade

Sign Grade
E E300
G G300
M M500
P P550
W W500

④ Application

Sign Application
A Aluminum
B Ball Nose
C Chamfer
M Square
R Corner Radius

⑧ Other

Radius ex:R02=R0.2mm
Tapered ex:T005=0.5°
Special Flute Length
Special Angle 
ex:X40.45=The angle of dove tail mill is 40°, chamfering is 45°
C:50mm  D:60mm  E1:75mm
H:100mm  M:150mm  R:200mm
Special Shank Dia ex:D6=6mm

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Processing Icon Guide

Keywords of processing icon chart:
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HRC<55_Square Carbide End Mill