Carbide Drill

Carbide drill HRC<50 by Echaintool in Taiwan

Carbide drill Identification System

Carbide Drill Identification System


Sign Grade
E E300
G G300
M M500
P P550
W W500

② Point Angle

Sign Point Angle
A 118°
B 120°
C 130°
D 135°
E 140°
F 142°
G 145°
H 150°
I 180°

③ Oil Hole

④ Flute

⑤ Processing Shank

Example Explanation
0220 2.2mm
2225 22.25mm

⑥ Insert Shape

 Sign   Directions For Use
S type General
X type For Deep Holes And  Harder Materials
XS type For Deep Holes

⑦ Processing Multiple

Type Numbers
Processing 02、04、03、05、08
Deep Hole Multiple 10、12、15、

⑧ Other

Sign Directions For Use
A Decimal Point of Shank
DXX Special Shank Diameter
TXX Taper
L1XXX Special Length Flute

Specification Icon Guide

Icon Explanation
Icon of Carbide drill01 Micro Grain Carbide
Icon of Carbide drill02 Cobalt Content 12%
Icon of Carbide drill03 Working Hardness <50°
Icon of Carbide drill04 AlTin Coating
Icon of Carbide drill05 Grade M500
Icon of Carbide drill06 Conform To DIN6537 Specifications
Icon of Carbide drill07 Tolerance Of Diameter
Icon of Carbide drill08Icon of Carbide drill09 Processing Depth Multiple